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30th November 2020 

"Spondylosis is painful and debilitating, and at times I felt unable even to walk to the end of my own street. Learning the Alexander Technique has proved life changing for me– and that is no exaggeration!

James Gray is an excellent teacher. Thanks to him I now enjoy weekend walks in the country, I stand taller and straighter, my intake of painkillers has gone from 10 a day to a couple twice a week……….. and I can pull my socks on in the morning without wanting to collapse in pain! I was aware that Alexander Technique was respected as a means of alleviating back pain, and I am so glad that I took the opportunity to try it for myself. "

Carolyn Jones, Bristol.

"Initially, I was a reluctant subject for Alexander Technique lessons. However, having heard the technique strongly recommended for efficient body-awareness and improved posture by a lecturer on a music course, I attended individual lessons with James. Despite feeling less than enthusiastic about going out after a day's work on dark evenings during the winter I soon discovered that after a session I felt invigorated and tension free.
With James' patience, encouragement and undoubted skill in guiding me to become more aware of unnecessary muscular tensions I have no more back pain and am becoming conscious of "letting go" when I feel particularly neck, shoulder and back muscles, tensing while engaged in everyday tasks."

Kathryn Allan, London

"I'm finding Alexander Technique very helpful and I'm spreading the word. I'll tell the doctor next time I go. She just wanted to stuff me full of pills that did nothing. Hopefully I won't be seeing her for a while though ! "

Julia, Bristol